Operating across Northumberland, Tyne & Wear and Durham our team of plasterers specialise in the application of render systems to both residential and commercial properties. These are used primarily as a decorative finish, but also offer weather protection and can include insulation. We use a wide range of different suppliers which allows us to find the most appropriate product at the best price for you. The majority of materials that we use come with a 10 year, insurance backed, manufacturer’s warranty.

Monocouche Render

This is a decorative finish that also offers weather protection and is fully breathable.
Monocouche is a French word that means “one coat”. It is used across the whole of Europe to distinguish modern more advanced render formulas from traditional ones. Monocouche render is sometimes called a “through colour render” as the colour pigment is mixed through the render formula. On new brick and block work render can be applied directly to the wall. However, additional layers to help the render bond are required if the surfaces are:

  • Painted
  • Covered with another layer (such as pebbledash)
  • Cement board work (usually extensions)

There are a wide range of colours available (48 from one supplier alone) and render can be applied with a variety of
finishes including smooth, fine and coarse. Colour samples are available and can be discussed during a free quotation.

Both Parex & Weber, suppliers of our two most commonly used products, offer colour/finish simulators at:

Parex colour simulator

Weber colour simulator


Acrylic Silicone Renders

Acrylic and silicone renders are other decorative finishes offering weather protection. These types of render use a thin coat system making them more suitable for light weight application. They come in the same wide range of colours as the monocouche renders and can be applied with a smooth or textured finish.

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Sand & Cement

A number of manufacturers offer a sand and cement (or grey render) product. As there is no colour added to the mix this product is grey and as such is often painted after application. If you want a coloured finish and don’t want to have to re-paint in the future it is usually advisable to opt for a monocouche or acrylic render.

Brick Panels

These are insulating polystyrene sheets which are assembled like a jigsaw, speeding up application time (especially on large areas with few openings). On top of the polystyrene are thin brick pieces. These are pointed in after installation, giving a realistic brick finish. You can choose from one of the standard colours or opt for the brick matching system. We will be able to match the majority of brick types and colours, even if they are now out of production.


Insulation Systems

It is possible to fix insulation between the existing wall and the render to provide an attractive and energy saving finish. There are a range of options available which offer different levels of insulation and are suitable for different applications. These systems are becoming increasingly popular in new energy efficient homes and buildings. They have previously attracted funding from the green deal and funding may again be available in the future.


Lime Plaster

As well as rendering we offer a range of internal plastering services. This includes lime plastering most often used in historic buildings.